It is irrefutable that competitive rivalry is growing between businesses at an unprecedented rate. It is one of the byproducts of the change we are witnessing globally - the one that derived from the pandemic. Therefore, when every business uses innovative and result-driven digital marketing techniques to make headway, you can not disparage the power of marketing and advertising.  

Gaining a competitive advantage is only possible if you promote your business via digital platforms. And relying on content marketing is one of the best ways to do that.

A Snapshot of Content Marketing

A brilliant technique of generating and sharing content strategically, content marketing aims at captivating your target audience with an intent to increase engagements and eventually conversions. Considering that it has a massive potential to boost organic search traffic, enhance brand awareness and image, and reach more audiences, with each passing day, more and more businesses are counting on it for unlocking their growth potential. Although their strategies may differ based on their goals, one thing is clear that they take content marketing quite seriously.

Content Marketing Statistics That You Must Know

  • According to HubSpot, approximately 70% of marketers consider content marketing as highly imperative and invest in it without any hesitation.
  • Measuring net sales is a great way to evaluate the success of your content marketing campaigns, as per the same source.
  • According to the Content Marketing Institute, in 2020, nearly 89% of marketers incorporated blog posts into their content marketing strategy.
  • As per WordPress, those using WordPress generate close to 70 million fresh posts each month. Besides, users also produce 77 million unique comments within the same time frame.
  • According to Statista, 32% of bloggers examine their blog posts' analytics.
  • As per SEMrush, 67% of businesses admit revamping existing content has turned out to be highly effective.
  • Nearly 77% of the firms accept that they rely on a content marketing strategy, as per the same source.

So if you have also been focusing on content marketing but have not received the expected outcome, it means you need to work on your content marketing strategy. There might be gaps in your existing plan of action that you must fix without any delay.  

Things That Lead to the Creation of a Run-of-the-Mill Content Marketing Strategy

  • When you don't have much information about your target audience, it affects the efficiency of your strategy in a big way.
  • When you do not invest time in discovering customer pain-point and create content without much awareness of what your customers are looking forward to consuming.
  • When you are least bothered about measuring the performance of your existing content marketing strategy, you fail to improve.
  • When you don't focus on what your competitors are doing to promote their products and services, you fail to create quality content and also stay behind in the race.
  • When you don't follow the current content marketing trends, you go out of track automatically.

For ensuring you get a good outcome from your content marketing efforts, you need to make sure that you avoid creating an ordinary strategy. You can also seek content marketing services from a renowned digital agency to ensure you get good ROI. To get exceptional results, you need to implement out-of-the-box ideas. Without doing so, it's next to impossible to meet your content marketing goals. However, make sure that your content marketing goals are realistic.

Tips for Outlining Practical Content Marketing Goals

Your goals must be practical; it means they should be attainable.

  • Set forth clearly defined goals; be specific about those things you want to accomplish, why you want to get them, and how you want to achieve them.
  • Your content marketing goals should also be measurable so that you can track your progress.
  • Set a reasonable deadline to reach those goals.

Invest a considerable amount of time in outlining your content marketing goals as they define your success significantly. Remember, content marketing offers remarkable benefits, you just have to learn how to create a strategy that works for you.

Here Is How to Create an Outcome-Driven Content Marketing Strategy

  • Set your content marketing mission stating which are those areas where you need to focus extensively. It gives you a direction to focus your efforts.
  • Identify your audience and gather as much information about them as possible to ensure you create the best quality content for them.
  • Collect information about the age group, job type, location, and hobbies of your target audience.
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that you can measure the success of your content marketing campaigns.
  • Evaluate your existing content to identify how you can revamp it to add value.
  • Make a list of all the authentic online platforms and authentic websites where you can share your content.
  • Create a content calendar to stay organised.
  • Share content in the form of blogs, guest posts, articles, interviews, videos, banners, infographics, eBooks, white papers, and case studies.
  • Use advanced tools like Ahrefs Content Explorer, SEMrush, Grammarly, etc., for raising content quality.
  • Share the content regularly, and maintain consistency.
  • Optimise the content for search engines to drive more traffic to your website.

The more effort you put into creating your content strategy, the better it is for you.

Benefits of Investing in Content Marketing

  • A sound content strategy improves your search rankings and increases organic traffic to your website.
  • A result-driven content marketing approach plays a considerable role in increasing your digital footprint.
  • It's perfect for boosting social media engagement.
  • It strengthens your brand personality and brand awareness.
  • Great for obtaining feedback.
  • It helps in establishing trust, which holds the capacity to convert potential customers into loyal customers.
  • It allows you to reach a larger audience.
  • It increases the conversion rate drastically.

Key Takeaways

Saying no to an ordinary content marketing strategy is the first step towards improving your marketing efforts. To ensure you succeed in your endeavour, outline your content marketing vision, create realistic goals, and then set a roadmap to achieve those goals. You must have enough information about your target audience so that you can create valuable content for them. You must have authentic information about their job, location, interests, and on the platforms where they spend their maximum online time.