The work that your workforce produces is what becomes the face of your organisation. Its quality and quantity define your standards and the capacity to deliver, thereby helping you and your customers understand where you stand. The quality of your work, which eventually indicates the quality of your offerings (your products and services), determines how far you can go. It remains the most potent factor in driving your overall growth.

Of course, there are various other things that you need to pay attention to for accelerating the growth and development of your business, such as concentrating on becoming future-ready by adopting advanced technologies and focusing on automation to reduce errors. Besides progressing in learning and development and focusing on securing the power of big data are also crucial for pushing your growth.  

However, to ensure that every single step that you take towards a better future drive results, you need to establish a positive work culture in the first place. Unless you provide a healthy culture to your team, you will hardly see them delivering the way they ideally should.

What exactly is organisational culture?

It refers to the collective behaviour and values of an organisation. From how your team members interact with each other, align their aspirations with company goals to the values they live by and its impact on the org, everything collectively is called the org culture. In a way, you can say that it's the personality of your company. And it plays a considerable role in attracting both employees and new business opportunities.

When employees have clarity on an organisation's vision, mission, and objectives, they relate to it better.

Here is how a positive organisational culture pushes your business growth.

Strengthens Employee Relationships

A healthy company culture improves the relationship between an employer and its employees, which turn out to be fruitful for both parties. Most companies that struggle to build that bond, face a lot of challenges on a day-to-day basis. Considering that a sound company culture promotes meaningful communications between business owners and their teams, it leaves no room for doubts and confusion that lead to frustration and other workplace problems.

Helps in Retaining Good Talent

One of the biggest problems most start-ups and small businesses face is retaining skilled and experienced employees. And since the shortage of a competent workforce significantly affects an organisation's capacity to deliver, it eventually affects its return on investment (ROI). And also shakes customer trust. However, as a business leader, you can solve all these problems simply by improving your company culture. A positive work culture helps in extending an association of an employee with an organisation.

Eliminates Workplace Stress

Good company culture plays a significant role in eliminating workplace stress. Since it promotes healthy interactions between the employees, they form good relationships, which does play its part in making them happy, thereby keeping the anxiety, tension and pressure at bay.

Workplace stress doesn't just affect a person's professional life, but also profoundly impacts their personal life. A silent killer, workplace stress affects efficiency, leads to human errors, and delays deliveries. Therefore, responsible organisations try their level best to offer a healthy environment to their employees.

Shoots Up Productivity

There is no denying that there is a close connection between the company culture and employee productivity. Since an organisation’s culture profoundly impacts an employee's mindset, it shows in their productivity. It also influences engagement, which encourages productivity. A collaborative work culture accelerates productivity, whereas a competitive one reduces it.

Also, a good culture ensures that employees have the availability of every modern tool and technology that shoots up productivity. Besides, it promotes learning and development activities, which help hone employee skills, enhancing their efficiency multiple times.

Promotes Transparency

A positive work culture eliminates insecurities by promoting communication and establishes transparency. And transparency removes uncertainties, guaranteeing a great environment to focus on work. Everyone associated with the organisation remains aware of the latest developments and gets clarity on whether it's progressing or not. Workplace transparency also helps them understand where they stand and what steps they need to take to become better at what they do.

Now let's take a look at how you can improve your organisational culture.

  • Make your team members feel valued by accepting their ideas and appreciating their creativity.
  • Create a culture of employee recognition.
  • Don't impose strict deadlines on your team members.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion to ensure you create a cosmopolitan culture that brings a feel-good factor.
  • Be accessible to your team and figure out what their expectations are.

Key Takeaways

To guarantee that your company experiences that much-needed growth, you have to work on your organisational culture. From bringing in transparency, promoting meaningful employee interactions, adopting modern technologies to enhance productivity to embracing diversity and inclusion, you have to work on every aspect that helps create a positive company culture.